わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ 2.1.2 Mod Apk (unlimited money)

2.1.2 Mod Apk unlimited money

Mod Apk Files Download – for android わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ Android Mobile Game with Unlimited Money,gold,coins わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ is Role Playing Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of apk mod file, Download links of this わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ game
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わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ Apk Mod Role Playing Game Information.

Game Name わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~
Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID com.joytea.wakuwaku.google

わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ games screenshots and Mod Apk features:
わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~ 2.1.2 screenshots 1

わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~Mod Apk Description: 『わくわくファンタジー~はるかな世界の物語~』は、かわいいファンタジー異世界が舞台のRPGです。















声優陣 ※敬称略、順不同


Android Android4.0以上、RAM1G以上
“Waku Waku Fantasy-A Story of a Far World-” is an RPG set in a cute fantasy different world.
We deliver healing time to a modern society where a cute and pop fairy tale world is not busy!
The main character is you, an adventure story where you meet unique friends, travel together, and unravel deep stories!

4 freely selectable occupations, deep character development system, more than 100 types of avatars, more than 20 types of permanent events, pets, riding, etc. The number of contents is the largest RPG for smartphones!

Full of interactive content such as romantic romance & marriage system, societies, chat with original stamps!

Gorgeous voice actors such as Shota Sakurai, Kaoru Kimura, Ai Kajo, Ayane Sakura and more!
The theme song that Ai Kasato sings brightly and cutely must listen!

The first anniversary begins! Get a gift by logging in for 30 days! New system [Children] implemented! A large update was made on the occasion of the first anniversary. Thank you in the future!

Exciting fantasy features

◆ A super cute RPG that you can play loosely delivers cute healing
This work is a warm-hearted RPG that was developed with the aim of providing a “relieved” healing space between everyday life in a busy modern society.
Meet your unique friends in a cute and pop fantasy world, travel together and explore the profound story, the main character is you ♪

◆ Characters, avatars, homes, pets …
-More than 20 unique characters appear!
Three Punipuni head and body characters run around the fairy tale world endlessly!

・ You can change your clothes with more than 100 avatars!
Panda kigurumi, school swimsuit, maid outfit, cat ear daughter, astronaut, bunny boy, military uniform, etc … surely you can find your favorite costume! We are planning to add new avatars in the future!

・ Home system where you can enjoy interior coordination
Make your own room, call your friends and have a tea party!

-Moe to cute pets!
Let’s adventure together with cats, ponies, rabbits, alpaca, etc, super cute animals!

Anyway, I’m confident of cuteness! Please be healed by cute characters and animals (* ゚ ゚)

◆ Although it is cute, it is authentic! Plenty of content that you can always play without getting bored
The 4 major occupations unique to RPG, PvE, PvP, GvG and other full-fledged battle content, as well as more than 100 types of avatars, My Room with free layout, and more! Over 20 types of permanent & regular events! Fun alone! Everyone has fun! Anytime, anywhere you can play exciting and fun!

◆ Communication tools to connect with friends all over the country are enjoyable!
Original stamps, text chat with cute emoji, voice chat, barrage chat, tokimeki romance & marriage system, etc. Equipped with plenty of communication content.
Let’s adventure while interacting with friends from far away in a different world!

◆ Gorgeous production teams gather! Full of charm that can be enjoyed by both eyes and ears
・ Character voices featuring nearly 30 gorgeous voice actors, including veteran voice actors active on the front lines, such as Shota Sakurai, Ai Kato, Ayane Sakura, and Akira Kimura
・ Illustration of cuteness by talented illustrator
・ Theme song and BGM produced by professional music producers

Voice actors * Honorifics omitted, no particular order
Shota Sakurai, Ai Katsuki, Ayane Sakura, Kaoru Kimura, Kaoru Watanabe, Nozomi Furuki, Kazuki Furuta, Mitsuhiro Ichikirai, Yuki Kuwahara
・ Nakaemitsu Castle ・ Kasai Kengo ・ Saito Yoshie ・ Nakamura Tasuke ・ Chao ・ Okumura Sho ・ Saka Taito ・ Hanzawa Atsushi ・ Honda Shinta ・ Murakami Yuka ・ Namba Yuka ・ Akiya Keito ・ Usuki Kenjiro ・ Maruyama Toru・ Moe Nagata, Sasa Shingo, Yu Kida, Sakura Nakamura

◆ The theme song sung by Ai Kasumi is a must-see!
The theme song cutely sung by Ai Kazaki is full of positive power that makes her happy and bright! Please listen and feel good!

Recommended operating environment
Android Android4.0 or higher, RAM1G or higher
1. 一部の機能をブラッシュアップ
2. 一部の不具合を修復

Game Rating: 10.0 | Users Votes: 9412

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